Is it me, or is it getting a little hot in here?



Well based upon climatologists, the trapping of greenhouse gases is contributing to global warming -- so yes, it is getting warmer. But what about our weather? Will it too be impacted by the increase in temperature? Without a doubt. Warmer surface temperatures raises the rate of evaporation, which leads to incredibly ferocious precipitation, storms, and weather.
A black-and-white still photography of people walking with opened umbrellas

Awesome! More rain!

While an increase in rainfall can help with current climate problems, such as desertification and soil erosion, it also introduces problems as well. Increasing weather creates "ripple effects". These "effects" include, but are not limited to:

impacts on energy infrastructure
disproportionate societies

Additional pseudo-effects include:

soil erosion
A sunset over the ocean

How will I be affected?

For the first time in forever, climatologists have a huge advantage in long term weather predicting. Scientists from around the world has come to a conclusion that the chance and the intensity of severe weather has been doubled. They conclude that we will expect more heat waves, more rainfall, more twisters, more hurricanes, and more flooding. If you live in flood-prone terrain, be prepared. For people like us who live in desert-esque conditions, we prioritize our weather focus mainly on heat. Here in the sunshine-haven, California, wildfires are very common. An increase in heat wave events will leave us more vulnerable to natural, heat-related occurrences, especially wildfires.

You and I will be affected from the financial burdens that arises, mainly due to the fact that the demand in insurance will increase. Extreme weather is a multi-billion-dollar environmental obstruction. With each passing years, we will begin to see damage to the economy and to the individual. Check out this informational video on extreme weather: