Learn to Love
Thu, Jun 12, 2014
10:21 PM

I am not surprised with the fact that we are digging our own grave. Around every corner is inadequate care for our own environment. I do not see the love in an individual towards their planet -- people fail to recognize that their planet also belongs to their friends, the country, and me.

I am always aware of my environment. It is not that difficult to conserve fuel or seek alternatives that does not lead indirectly to mass floods or unbearable heat waves (my gosh, living in summer without any AC is like a death sentence). For example, taking the bus is a great way to lessen carbon dioxide pollution. I enjoy commuting with the bus because it is a more viable option of reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Now I have my very own car and nothing (besides high gas prices) is stopping me from commuting with it instead of riding the buses, yet I choose a bus to take care of me and to ease the pain of a four-mile commute. The only reason I can conjure up is my love for protecting the environment.

I advise everybody to love their surroundings. It is not difficult for a single love is an open door to stopping global warming.

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