Tornadoes and Tropical Cyclones



Which one is true: "a category 0 tornado" or "an EF6 tropical cyclone"?

Go ahead, take your time to answer, but please do not use Google. I will have the answer after you scroll past this picture of a cow.
A spinning perfection

So, now you know a little more about tornadoes, lets move on to tropical cyclones. First things first, lets talk about the name difference -- here in the States, we call these forces of nature "hurricanes" and in Asia they call them "typhoons". Cyclones exist because our planet has the ingredients to brew them up. Tropical cyclones needs warm water to survive; if one hovers over land or lukewarm water it will dissipate in a matter of hours or days. Sizes range from (if we were to utilize territories as area) a state to a country. Cyclone Tracy devastated with its world's smallest form factor for a tropical cyclone while Typhoon Tip flooded countries with its record size. Once again, here's a picture of this weather force in action, but instead of giving you one plain cyclone, I will spice things up and offer you THREE: